The Thermal Cracker Cell TCC connects a low temperature effusion cell to a high temperature cracking stage with integral water cooling shroud. The whole assembly fi ts on a space-saving DN40CF (O.D. 2.75“) flange. The TCC is available with capacities of 35 cm3 or 130 cm3 which are ideal for R&D applications. The use of standard crucibles with wide orifices facilitates the filling of even larger chunks of source material.

 Corrosive vapor within the source gets only in contact with PBN parts. Due to its remarkable temperature gradient, the TCC allows for an excellent wide range fl ux control and does not require a delicate PBN valve mechanism. In addition, a special tantalum shutter cap can be used for fast on/off switching of the fl ux towards the substrate

Product ID:-1995


  • All-PBN solution for corrosive materials like As, Se, Te, Sb or Mg 
  • Thermal activation for improved Mg doping in GaN 
  • Water cooled cracker working up to 1300°C
  •  35 cm3 or 130 cm3 PBN crucible Excellent thermal isolation between low temperature reservoir and hot cracker zone
  • Integrated rotary shutter

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