About Us

GotRad stands for Got Radio. We provide specialized products for emerging and under-served markets. Our primary advantage is providing off the shelf high value and low cost hardware devices that fill a specific niche without further certification in most cases. Unique IoT projects are less complicated to develop, faster to deploy, and executed with a higher success rate by leveraging the product suite curated by GotRad.

Our Products


Featuring the Sierra Wireless HL7800 LPWA module, CellCracker is an FCC, ISED & PTCRB certified module with global frequency bands and low power consumption in MINI PCIe Format.
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Featuring the Quectel BG95 cellular radio, CellBox is a stand alone modem that facilitates cellular connectivity through a standard interface that can plug into any device.
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Featuring the Maxim MAX32666 CPU, MaxBlue is a certified Bluetooth 5 module that brings advanced security functionality to short range radio applications.
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Our Advantage

Unique Wireless Products

Low Cost Hardware

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